How it Works

Jabra's Noise Guide is a small, stand-alone recording device that collects data on sound levels over a period of time. With the Noise Guide, we'll gain an understanding of the coming and goings, and ebb and flow of sounds in your space: your office's soundprint.

Instant Visual Feedback

  • Green, yellow and red reflect the decibel level at a given time

Long Term Data Collection

  • Measuring underlying noise trends in your office environment

Custom Sensitivity

  • Tailor the sensitivity and placement to your personal office setting

What is a Soundprint?

The term soundprint refers to our overall diagnosis, if you will, of your office acoustics- taking into account the data we gather from your Noise Guide, as well as the size and current layout of your office space. Don't worry, we're not looking to re-design your office. We're here to help make your space work for you!

In some cases, (often larger office spaces), the issue may be related to the general acoustics of the space, rather than the noises themselves. In others, it's simply a matter of transitioning to the right headset.

Our Process

  1. Our team will install your Noise Guide in key locations throughout your space
  2. Set the sensitivity of the device
  3. Noise levels are measured over a period of up to three months
  4. Data is downloaded to a USB stick or PC
  5. Any inconsistencies found in the sound data are addressed
  6. Our technicians will recommend a solution

Noise Guide as a Long-Term Solution

We often encourage businesses to make their Noise Guide a permanent fixture in their office to support ongoing awareness of noise levels, and piece of mind for your employees.

With call centres in particular, the solution may be as simple as a transition to using the Soundshield for each of their employees. But in the case of those centres whose main concern is with compliance, ongoing use of the Noise Guide technology can serve as an added means of security for employees and businesses alike.