Unique Designs for Your Acoustic Environment

a creative means of perfecting sound levels throughout your office

Our team at CSUK, alongside AbD, offer a fully qualified acoustics consultancy. Our pre and post construction/fit out reports are included to achieve the best acoustic performance to maximise efficiency, concentration, speech privacy, comfort and overall well-being. All reports adhere or refer to current standards and include practical advice based years of industry experience across a wide range of sectors. Furthermore, our combined experience stretches across the globe beyond our UK and European offices.




Understanding Acoustics : A Brief Guide to Our Process

ReSorb Walls

Great sound absorption and highly aesthetic. Fixed to walls in atriums, meeting rooms, school halls, canteens, offices and communal spaces to reduce noise and reverberation.

Reverberation (perceived as echo) reduces the quality of speech in a room. The delay between the initial sound and the reflected sound causes distortion and the delay time varies depending on the sound frequency that speech can be unintelligible.

This is particularly difficult for the remote participants of conference calls who struggle to understand the conversation leading to miscommunication and stress.

All rooms used for conference or video calling should be treated to perform to the correct acoustic standard and comply with the manufacturers of the equipment.

Acoustic performance can also be enhanced by the shape and design of the room.

ReSorb Baffles & Islands

As an alternative to a traditional drop ceiling the acoustic ceiling islands and baffles offer excellent sound absorbing properties as well as aesthetics.

With the current trend of open ceilings with the air handling, cable trays and lighting exposed it can lead to a reverberant and noisy office.

Sound energy is ideally absorbed close to the source. In open plan environments, normally the single largest treatable surface is the ceiling. The islands and baffles can absorb sound on all six surfaces soaking up reflected as well as direct noise.

They ma be plain white, but can also be covered in an acoustically transparent fabric allowing for a wide choice of colours and even digital prints not only improving the acoustics, but also the look of the space.

Apart from the open plan office, resorb islands and baffles are also used in halls, gyms, atriums, libraries and public spaces.

ReSorb Pebbles

resorb Pebbles are manufactured from a polyether foam and are wrapped in an acoustically transparent fabric from the Soft Touch and Blazer Lite ranges.

They act as a 50mm Class B acoustic absorber, helping to reduce echo and reverberation, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing feature in any room.

resorb pebbles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including circles, squares, stones, bubbles, clovers, splats and shells.

Installation of the Pebbles is simple and can easily be undertaken without the AbD installation team. Although that service is available if required.