What Kind of Business Are You?

we understand that every office environment is unique, and our process is designed to reflect that. from assessment to installation, we aim to provide you with the most comprehensive solution to suit your office needs and budget

Because call centre employees experience less ambient noise and more sound directly transmitted via headset, we use software embedded in the Soundshield itself.

Polaris' patented Sonaron™ software runs in every Soundshield Wireless Headset and Soundshield 4G Acoustic Safety device. This program works by continuously recording your Noise Dosimetry, capturing and storing all dangerous and potentially harmful noises that your employees experience. It acts a filter, so to speak, sifting out any sounds outside the desirable decibel range.

Soundshield's Soundstat PC-run program then processes that information, resulting in a visual representation of the statistics that our team will use to determine the best solution for the needs and budget of your business.

The Sonaron and Soundstat technology is a built-in feature of the Soundshield products to be used by your call centre managers to monitor and control your office SoundPrint on a regular basis.

For workspaces and offices whose decibel levels may vary throughout the day, we will assess your office soundprint using the Jabra’s innovative Noise Guide.

The Jabra Noise Guide allows us to actively monitor and track the sound levels in your office throughout the day, recording the data regardless of office size, design and number of employees.

We believe in a hands-on approach, providing you with our specialized technicians to install, record and interpret the data acquired by the Noise Guide. In some cases, we may recommend making the Noise Guide a permanent fixture in your office, as a means of promoting awareness among employees.