The Challenge

(due to the sensitive nature of this project, details of this client are kept confidential at their request)

Operation of a Fire Command Centre is difficult enough in the best of situations. The tools they use can be the difference between life and death. In this particular case, Fire Command and Control Centre call handlers were struggling to hear callers due to the background noise of fire alarms and victims on the scene, resulting in two dangerous outcomes:

  • The background noise level meant that a particular 999 call had to be abandoned
  • Call handlers were routinely increasing the volume of their headsets above a safe level to hear callers

Because the exact nature of a Fire Command Centre is to protect the public and ultimately save lives, a solution to this problem was of paramount importance to all those involved. Fortunately, the simplicity of a transition to use of the Soundshield, made a solution to their problem a swift process. 

The Solution

The award-winning Soundshield technology is tried and tested, with the scope of its protection now extending beyond the average office, beyond even the fire command centre, and out to the public. And because a solution to a challenge of this nature needed to be handled with speed as well as sensitivity, Soundshield was a perfect fit for their needs. 

For the Fire and Command Centre especially, transition to use of the Soundshield has made for a truly long-term solution.

  • Soundshield intercepts and removes the background noise of alarms and sirens during calls, allowing clearer, more effective communications
  • Rapid response to incoming 999 calls
  • Protection and precision sound for call handlers
  • Regular checks by command centre controllers have allowed for continued observation and evidence of Soundshield's on-going work
  • Improved communications between the control room and fire engine crews, thanks to removal of background sirens on the ground

Fire Service management officials are now able to demonstrate their duty of care to staff and compliance with the European Noise at Work Directive through the use of Soundshield’s Soundstat software. Hearing damage amongst their call handlers has become a ‘thing of the past’. Staff can now take calls in life threatening situations without having to jeopardise their own well-being.
Soundshield is the only product in the international marketplace that delivers this performance, and as the sole European distributor for Polaris, we are proud that we could deliver clear, safe calls to such an important service.