The Challenge :

In this particular situation contact centre agents all across the bank's many contact centres were experiencing acoustic shocks caused by sudden and unexpected loud noises / shrieks coming through the telephone network to their headsets.
The cause of the shrieks was the subject of an on-going investigation but could not be pinpointed. In the course of just a few months, contact centre agents experienced a wide range of symptoms such as a mild headache and slight balance disturbance; some even taking time off work due to severe nausea and unbearable pain in the neck and ear.
The continuation of acoustic shocks had a ‘ripple effect’ throughout the contact centre with staff in general feeling vulnerable and becoming sensitive to loud sounds. The situation became so serious that the trade union threatened to stage a walk-out if the Bank’s management didn’t resolve the problem.
Understanding the severity of this kind of problem, we were eager to help.

Our Solution :

First, we tackled the most most badly affected site, installing a 16-seat trial. Tests were run and acoustic noise was introduced deliberately to evaluate the Soundshield results. We successfully eliminated all unsafe acoustic shrieks and provided the Bank with sound exposure graphs to demonstrate the noise levels that staff were exposed to. 
As a result, the Bank deployed Soundshield across all of their contact centres nationwide. We are happy to say, all incidents of acoustic shrieks and shocks have been eliminated, and staff are continually protected and sound exposure with the evidence to show for it! 
Building on this success, the Bank has extended the use of Soundshield into their branches to safeguard all their staff who use the telephone, not just their call centres alone.