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here's what a few of them have to say...


The Fire Command and Control Centre call handlers of this Fire Service were struggling to hear callers due to the background noise from fire alarms when fires were being reported by the public. On one particular occasion, the noise level was so extreme that a 999 call had to be abandoned. This was a situation that could not continue nor could it be repeated.


Most of us juggle busy lives but if a friend or family member, becomes ill, it can be extremely difficult to have a full life of your own. Kingston Carers aims to help with their successful outreach project of over 1,400 unpaid volunteers and carers. In early 2014, we were able to support Kingston Carers Network by donating Soundpro headsets for their telephony systems, so that their carers could safely continue their essential charity work.

EUROPEAN BANK (name withheld for confidentiality)

Instances of acoustic shock had a ‘ripple effect’ throughout the contact centre of a large European Bank with staff feeling vulnerable and sensitive to loud sounds.  The situation grew so serious that the trade union threatened to stage a walk-out if the Bank’s management didn’t resolve the problem. Learn more about their quick and efficient transition.