Acoustic Shock

Prevention : Guaranteed.

Acoustic shock is a form of hearing damage caused by exposure to sudden high intensity and high frequency noises transmitted through a phone or headset. Irreversible and unable to be cured, each case is just as dangerous for a business as for its employee.
With call centre employees spending such large amounts of time on their phones and headsets, it is no surprise that cases of acoustic shock are on the rise. Health and safety in the workplace is a key component of any successful business, making it a key component of our mission to support the success of your business.
Without Soundshield, these sounds occur sporadically and unannounced, regardless of your brand of phone or headset. They are impossible to predict, prevent or even measure- a not-so-silent workplace danger that needs to be taken very seriously. Although guidelines and restrictions are in place, we’ve found compliance with these standards to be an ineffective and costly process.
Soundshield however, is an immediate guarantee, cutting out the need for constant workstation assessments. It is a simple solution to a very dangerous workplace hazard. Your employees are covered 24 hours a day.

How does Acoustic Shock affect my employees?

short term and long term effects

  • hearing loss
  • tinnitus (a ringing in the ears)
  • stress and hypersensitivity to high sound levels
  • headaches
  • pain in ears, neck and back
  • nausea
  • disturbances in balance
The severity of these symptoms will very from person to person, making it very difficult to assess. Each instance must be assessed on a case by case basis. 


What Soundshield means for your business

cost-effective, long term guarantee

Prevention of Acoustic Shock
Ability to control and monitor sound data
Guarantees compliance with sound regulations
Safety in the Workplace
Security for your Business
Piece of Mind for you and your employee